Vision and Values


St. Luke’s Villa is an institution of the Diocese of Scranton established to serve older adults in total adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church. All who seek the services of St. Luke’s Villa will be welcomed and respected and cared for as brothers and sisters in the Lord. All those who labor in any of our facilities are committed to provide the highest level of care for all residents. The care that is given will be compassionate, loving and generous to all.


In establishing and maintaining St.Luke’s Villa, the Bishop and the clergy and the lay faithful of the Diocese of Scranton see the need for facilities that provide an environment where older adults will receive the spiritual, physical, and emotional care they need for their total well-being. The Villa is seen as a place of respite and true comfort where residents and their families know that they are respected and cared for because they are children of God and worthy of His love and ours.


Quality – We work to develop a focus on continuous quality and performance improvement through assessment and measurement so that we may improve efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

Respect – We honor the individuality pf all people, treating them with dignity and compassion, recognizing their life experiences, contributions and personal needs.

Compassion – We care in ways that bring comfort and love to those in need based on Gospel values and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Dignity – We treat every person as a child of God.

Faith – We are guided and inspired by our Roman Catholic tradition, seeking to build relationships within the Diocese while honoring the spiritual journeys of all people and all faiths.

Courage – We demonstrate the strength of convcition by putting our faith and moral principals into practice; we make the difficult decisions.

Hospitality – We create a place to live and work that is welcoming and safe; it is characterized by the spirit of generosity.

Leadership – We encourage and support the growth and development of our Board and staff. We are called to excellence in service. We embrace our heritage and as leaders will approach the future with faith, vision and creativity.

Justice – We seek to be fair and just in our care and treatment of others.